March 26, 2024
March 26, 2024

Introducing Redesign Health’s Newest Venture Chair

Lou Shapiro will leverage his four decades of healthcare and leadership expertise to guide Operating Companies at Redesign Health

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Nobody builds a startup on their own. Redesign Health’s unique company creation process incorporates collaboration amongst our internal team, founding team members and a deep bench of industry experts. As board members of Redesign companies, Venture Chairs play a key role in this process — helping CEOs build solutions that can deliver transformative change. They also serve as advisors to Redesign.

We’re excited to introduce our newest Venture Chair, Lou Shapiro, an accomplished healthcare executive and former CEO of the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). Lou’s deep expertise in strategic innovation, value-based care and technology integration equip him to provide thoughtful, actionable insights to both our internal teams and our Operating Companies.

Imparting leadership lessons

Lou’s 40-year healthcare career began at what is now Allegheny Health Network in his home state of Pennsylvania. From there, he moved to a healthcare advisory role at McKinsey & Co. and served as Executive Vice President at Geisinger Health System. In 2006, Lou joined HSS, transforming it from a regional specialty hospital into a globally recognized powerhouse. And after retiring from HSS nearly two decades later, Lou was introduced to Redesign Health.

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I was enamored with the notion that Redesign Health is not typical venture capital, where someone has an idea, bootstraps the company, gets angel funding and starts from scratch. Redesign’s company creation process is different in that they gather a bunch of smart people with resources, identify industry pain points, develop and vet an idea, give it the green light for funding and then find a founder who can take it to market.

Empowering founders and teams

As a Venture Chair, Lou will act as a thought leader and partner to support strategy, recruiting and business development for select operating companies built at Redesign Health. To start, Lou will bring his domain expertise and network capabilities to Pip Care, a company that optimizes the surgical journey for care teams and patients, and backed by UPMC Enterprises and Redesign Health. Led by Co-Founder and CEO Kathleen Kaluhiokanlani, Pip Care is currently working with leading health systems such as UPMC and UChicago Medicine. In June, Pip Care will expand its platform (PIP) to include Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

As Lou advises Operating Companies and Redesign Health’s internal team, he’ll have the chance to help solve problems that have challenged the industry throughout his career. “A lot of startups focus on making money first and creating value second,” Lou says.

“Redesign Health and its Operating Companies flip the script by focusing on creating value first and foremost—and I’m thrilled to devote my time to this work.”