Redesign Health September 13, 2022
Redesign Health September 13, 2022

Our Mission to Redesign Health for Everyone

The US healthcare system desperately needs innovation. We have the best therapies and care providers in the world, but our health outcomes lag most developed countries, our costs are unsustainably high, and our access to care is woefully uneven. The legacy systems, processes, and incentive structures that led us here can be dramatically improved, but will require a groundswell of technology adoption and business model innovation.

Unfortunately, the innovation model that digitally transformed most every industry over the past 30 years has not worked in healthcare. The industry is too opaque, complex, multistakeholder, highly regulated, and conservative (often for good reason -- “move fast and break things” doesn’t work for people’s health). The disruptive force of traditional start-ups and corporate entrants from adjacent industries has been limited as a result. Progress remains slow.

To meet the moment and transform our industry in service of patients, healthcare needs disruption from within. It needs a new innovation model that seamlessly combines the vast expertise, distribution, and capital of large existing companies with the start-up DNA of entrepreneurs unconstrained by innovators’ dilemmas. Redesign Health was built to enable this model.

Our platform brings together extraordinarily talented entrepreneurs, veteran healthcare industry operators, digitally native technologists, business analysts and investors committed to redesigning healthcare. Following months of cross-functional ideation and research, we assemble founding teams that are uniquely suited to address specific healthcare challenges. We then empower them with tools, technologies, and insights spanning more than 20 functional areas including product, design, engineering, user research, marketing, sales, compliance, and many others to responsibly craft go-to-market strategies, build high fidelity user-centric digital products, prove product/market fit, and scale. Each step of the way, our teams leverage vast external networks spanning every major stakeholder group as well as facilitate collaboration amongst companies launched on our platform. We’ve developed and honed these capabilities and networks through powering the launch of more than 40 healthcare technology companies since 2018.  

To enable this new, collaborative innovation model, we work with industry leaders over extended periods of time to deeply understand their unique challenges and opportunities, co-develop solutions leveraging our combined expertise, and then draw upon our platform (in whole or in part) to craft and deliver on bespoke execution plans that complement, accelerate, and de-risk their innovation efforts. Together, we create far more impact and value than either of us could alone.

Today we’re excited to share that Redesign Health has closed a $65 million Series C financing round led by General Catalyst and that Hemant Taneja, their CEO and Managing Director, has joined our Board of Directors. CVS Health Ventures, UPMC Enterprises (the innovation and venture capital arm of leading health system UPMC), Eden Global Partners, Euclidean Capital, Samsung Next, TriplePoint Capital, and founding investor Declaration Partners also participated in the financing. Alongside their investments, General Catalyst, CVS Health Ventures and UPMC Enterprises will leverage our platform tools, technologies, and insights to help build and support dozens of businesses addressing unmet needs in the coming years.

Through continued investment in our platform and partnerships like these, we hope to enable collaborative innovation at scale and, in doing so, play a part in unleashing the groundswell of innovation that our healthcare industry so desperately needs. We can achieve this ambitious vision only through continued partnership with companies, founders, investors, advisors -- come join us!