April 12, 2023
April 12, 2023

Redefining Pet Care for Modern Pet Parents and Veterinarians 

Today’s pet owners don’t just adopt animals—they treat them as members of their family. Often referring to themselves as “pet parents”, owners are happy to invest in their companions to give them a long and happy life— from buying gourmet food, to throwing pet birthday parties, to ensuring they receive the best healthcare possible. With 7 in 10 households currently owning a pet, the demand for top notch pet care continues to grow.

Unfortunately, there’s a critical gap between what most vet clinics offer today and the high expectations of pet owners. Part of this is due to the lack of innovation and prioritization of a customer-centric experience in the industry, but another critical component is the challenge of hiring and retaining skilled veterinarians and techs due to outdated technology, poor work environments and low pay compared to educational debt. These factors combined have created a significant barrier to change in the industry.

We believe the market is primed for an innovative approach to delivering services/care— because pet owners and the veterinarian workforce deserve better.

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Modernizing the Experience for Pet Owners (and Their Pets)

Surveying the market, we learned that simply accessing veterinary care can be a challenge for pet owners. Many clinics don’t offer online scheduling and have limited appointment availability, which means that many pet parents struggle to be seen by a vet for regular appointments. Poor price transparency further hinders access, as pet parents may hesitate to access services when they don't receive an estimate of services before agreeing to the care. 

Beyond increased access, many pet parents today are seeking veterinary care that reflects their deep bond with their pets, with an experience that’s personal and affordable. They want a modernized, customized solution that focuses on wellness and prevention, offers convenient scheduling and provides ancillary services all in one location. Updated technology, the option for virtual visits and detailed estimates are all essential elements of an improved experience and better access to veterinary services.

 … and For Vets

With the rising number of families adopting pets, veterinarians and vet staff recruiting is more important than ever. Yet, the industry has historically failed to meaningfully support its talent pool. The profession is facing rising burnout because of factors like staffing shortages, long hours and low pay. Compassion fatigue, as end-of-life care for pets is a frequent part of the job, and lack of autonomy in practice, also contribute to burnout. Finally, depression is a pervasive issue. In a recent survey, 66% of veterinarians self-reported clinical depression, and 24% had considered suicide since starting veterinary school. 

Veterinarians and their teams deserve a work environment with autonomy, career development pathways and strong benefits packages. They also need technology infrastructure to modernize their practices and streamline operations, in order to better meet the needs of customers and their pets.

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Introducing Parker & Ace

Today, Redesign Health is proud to launch a new model for veterinary care, focused on the needs of modern pets and the people who care for them. Parker & Ace is a full-service, membership-based veterinary clinic designed with modern pets and their parents in mind. With an inaugural clinic opening in Washington, D.C., Parker & Ace combines the personalization and comfort of a neighborhood clinic with high-touch, best-in-class care. 

Clinic members pay a set annual fee, which includes unlimited consultations that are available both in-person and online, and complimentary exams with next-day availability. Pet parents receive upfront, transparent pricing for all services— preventing surprise bills. The clinic focuses on providing wellness and preventive care services, but also has 24/7 virtual care pharmacy, dental, dermatology and allergy services all at one clinic. 

Parker & Ace is also home to an on-site surgery suite as well as a laboratory, complete with digital radiology, and ultrasound equipment for diagnostic testing. The clinic has some of the most advanced equipment for surgery and anesthesia to help minimize the risk of major complications. 

Finally, pet parents experience a streamlined, tech-forward experience with a mobile site for convenient scheduling, access to medical records, virtual care and more. The state-of-the-art clinic uses modern diagnostics and streamlined technology to develop a personalized care plan for every pet. 

Parker & Ace focuses not only on providing exceptional care to furry family members and their owners, but also on creating an environment where vets love to work. Clinics give vets and staff a sense of ownership, with competitive salaries, bonuses, paid sabbaticals after 5 years, continuing education credits and no overnights. The tech-forward approach streamlines workflows, letting the team focus on what they do best: caring for their pet and human members, providing each with dedicated, personalized attention. 

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Meet the Parker & Ace Team

Redesign Health has built a strong pack of providers, business builders and pet lovers to lead Parker & Ace:

  • Alexis McLaughlin, Co-Founder and CEO, has spent over 20 years developing and transforming brands to achieve breakthrough results, consumer intimacy and competitive advantage. A pet parent to Lily the Goldendoodle, she has experienced firsthand the cumbersome appointment processes and unexpected bills, which inspired her to change the traditional, antiquated experience of taking your pet to the vet with Parker & Ace.

  • Head of Veterinary Services Michelle Frye, DVM, SM, is an experienced practice owner who has a long history of advocating for veterinary medicine as a previous owner of a veterinarian clinic.

  • Lead Veterinarian Adam Chung, VMD, is trained in general practice and emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. He will lead the team practicing preventive medicine, tending to urgent needs and promoting minimally invasive procedures.      

  • Head of Operations Jeannette Norris has a track record of accelerating and scaling businesses in senior operations roles at Kindbody and One Medical.

  • Chief of Staff Max Turowsky brings a depth of experience in pet businesses and operations working for commerce leaders like The Farmer's Dog, Jet.com and Walmart.com.

The Future of Veterinary Care

Parker & Ace is creating the future of veterinary care: a tech-enabled clinic that combines the feel of a neighborhood practice with a supportive work environment for doctors and staff. This unique solution matches the modern consumer’s needs and expectations without decreasing care or increasing prices, with a focus on enabling pets to live longer, healthier lives with the humans who love them.