April 09, 2024
April 09, 2024

Making Comprehensive Care a Reality for Residents of Senior Living Communities

Troupe Health extends the reach of primary care physicians to improve health outcomes for older adults

Between convenience, safety, social connection and more, senior living communities (SLCs) offer a host of benefits for older adults entering the next chapter of their lives. However, as seniors enter these communities with more complex healthcare needs than ever before, many of these communities are not equipped with the medical infrastructure or staffing designed to manage care for residents with higher-acuity needs. Currently, the average senior living resident manages 14 chronic conditions, and more than 70% have at least one behavioral health diagnosis.

When seniors see their primary care providers (PCPs) regularly, they receive the care they need to manage their health and reduce healthcare expenses. Unfortunately, this critical link between PCPs and seniors often breaks once a senior moves into an SLC, because most PCP offices lack the resources to deliver care beyond their clinic walls.

Missing these routine touchpoints reduces PCP effectiveness and drives higher emergency room utilization. In turn, underserved residents must eventually move into a skilled nursing facility or hospital setting, rather than staying within their home community.

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Enter Troupe Health

After extensive research into the problems and opportunities facing older adults and the providers who serve them, we are proud to introduce Troupe Health. Troupe is a comprehensive care delivery solution that extends the reach of PCPs into SLCs, allowing residents to improve their health and age in place longer. Troupe empowers PCPs with a range of clinical wraparound services, including outcomes-based care coordination, 24/7 virtual urgent care and behavioral health services.

Other solutions in the market may try to replace the role of the PCP within an SLC, undervaluing the long term and trusted relationships patients often have with their providers. But Troupe Health enhances existing relationships between PCPs and their patients through on-site clinical care management. A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) bridges the gap between PCPs and residents when PCPs can’t be in the community.

A Troupe Health LCSW meets in-person with residents to reduce barriers to care, such as depression or social determinants of health. This approach helps residents build trust with the social worker and eventually transition from in-person to virtual care as appropriate.

Additionally, Troupe offers a revolutionary, fully integrated care coordination and communication platform. Instead of having to navigate various lines of communication between physicians and community staff for condition updates on their loved ones, family members can log onto the Troupe Health app and get a real-time, collaborative view of a resident’s health and needs. PCPs, community staff and residents themselves all remain up to date, too. This type of interoperable experience strengthens the bond between PCPs and their patients, ensuring continuity of care.

Meet Our ‘Troupe’

Built at Redesign Health, Troupe is led by a founding team of experts with backgrounds in senior health, medical group management and digital health who all share a mission of bringing consistent, trusted care to senior living communities:

  • Steve Weissblum, Co-Founder and CEO, is a senior executive and entrepreneur who brings 25-plus years of expertise leading disruptive healthcare services and clinical care startups. He previously served as Chief Revenue Officer at UCM Digital Health and has started, scaled and managed several successful healthcare services ventures in the NEMT and EMS space and co-founded one of the first direct-to-consumer telehealth platforms. He has also been a Mentor-in-Residence and All-Star Mentor with Techstars and has collaborated with early-stage healthcare innovators at United Healthcare Accelerator.

  • Holly Hrabik, MHA, MBA, Head of Clinical Operations, is dedicated to creating a future where healthcare is not just a service, but an experience that empowers individuals and transforms communities. She most recently served as Director of Practice Management and Transformation for Virtual Care at Oscar Health. She’s also led operations and ambulatory services for several major health systems and medical groups in Texas, including Methodist Medical Group and CHRISTUS Health.

  • Forrest Walker, Head of Product, is a strategic product director and manager with a decade of expertise launching multiple high-growth health tech products. He spent two years as Director of the Product Management Care Team at Patina, a tech-enabled primary care solution for older adults. He has also served as Lead Product Manager in the Humana Experience Center, a technology accelerator.

Giving SLC residents a path to connected, trusted care

A highly coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare is proven to deliver the best results. By bringing on “a troop of resources,” Troupe Health enriches relationships between PCPs and seniors, reduces the burden on community staff and gives residents the support they need to age in place longer.