Cardiology October 03, 2023
Cardiology October 03, 2023

Unlocking the Full Potential of Independent Cardiology Practices

Cardiology care delivery enablement platform CardioOne builds early momentum through partnerships with independent cardiology practices and MedAxiom.

The need for high-quality cardiovascular care keeps growing, with nearly half of the U.S. population expected to have some form of cardiovascular disease by 2035. Yet at the same time, the independent cardiologist—an indispensable resource for people with heart disease—is at risk of disappearing.

Rising patient and paperwork demands, fragmented technology, new payment models and the shift to value-based care are putting these physician entrepreneurs under increased pressure. Cardiologists face an extremely high rate of burnout (50%), driven in part by the estimated 16.4 hours per week they must spend on administrative tasks alone. 

Creating an alternative to acquisition

These pressures are causing many independent cardiologists to lean toward acquisition. In fact, less than 47% of physicians today work in private practice, according to the American Medical Association. And in cardiology, that number is even lower.

Yet acquisition isn’t always a wise move. Data compiled by AHIP shows that practice acquisition increases the total cost of care by 14%, erodes patient satisfaction and fails to improve care quality.

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Our market research showed that many independent cardiologists want to stay independent—and would choose independence over acquisition if they could guarantee their practice’s profitability and stability. What’s more, anecdotal evidence indicates that recent cardiology graduates, and seasoned in-hospital cardiologists, are expressing interest in establishing independent practices.

Empowering independent cardiologists

Less than a year ago, CardioOne was built at Redesign Health to empower independent cardiologists to thrive in today's demanding practice landscape. As a care delivery enablement platform that operates at the core of the practice, CardioOne arms independent cardiologists with essential technology, talent and administrative resources. 

CardioOne’s integrated model allows practices to enhance operations, revenue, and the patient and provider experience—and lays the groundwork for a smooth transition to value-based care. By providing the necessary infrastructure and support, CardioOne enables cardiologists to focus on patient care and strengthens the foundation of each practice, so physicians can focus on caring for patients.

In just a few short months, CardioOne has become the go-to solution for independent cardiology practices nationwide, driving clinical, operational and financial efficiencies for its 17 partner clinicians across New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and Maryland. These practices have seen significant improvements, such as streamlining back-office functions, consolidating expense reductions, focusing on practice panel growth, and enhancing the staff and provider experience. 

Additionally, CardioOne has partnered with MedAxiom, the cardiovascular community's premier source for organizational performance solutions, to expand its impact and share its expertise with the broader cardiology community.

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An integrated service model

CardioOne’s practice partners gain advantages in sustained practice expansion and innovation through CardioOne’s integrated service model. Partners benefit from the scale of a growing network of independent cardiologists and solutions that are customizable to each practice’s unique needs, including:

  • A purpose-built integrated tech platform with a best-in-class EHR system, patient portal and integrated revenue cycle management, among other tools.

  • Value-based care technology tools such as remote patient monitoring and population health analytics.

  • Practice and people operations support such as adjunct HR managers, recruiters, payroll and benefit support —talent not often available to smaller or mid-size groups.

  • Strategy and growth tools such as network development, website design, online reputation and social media management.

  • Payer contracting strategy and solutions such as payer relationship, VBC contracting and payer enrollment and credentialing.

A team dedicated to preserving independence

Built at Redesign Health by surgeons, cardiologists and experienced practice operators, CardioOne is led by a founding team blending clinical and administrative expertise:

  • Jasen Gundersen, MD, MBA, CEO & Co-Founder, has more than 25 years of experience managing large, complex patient populations in a variety of value-based care settings. His expertise as a leader, operator and practicing physician allows him to understand independent cardiologists’ unique needs. He previously served as the President of Hospitalist and Post Acute Services at TeamHealth; Chief Performance Officer at Navvis Healthcare; and Chief Medical Officer at CareCentrix.

  • Dan Jenson, Chief Financial Officer, is an experienced value-based care and practice management leader. He’s passionate about delivering extraordinary outcomes by engaging with healthcare stakeholders through finance, strategic development, corporate development and operational improvement. Prior to CardioOne, he held several roles in finance, population health and strategic leadership with VillageMD and Memorial Hermann Health System.

  • JP Jayaraman, Chief Product Officer, has more than 18 years of experience taking innovative products from concept to market, primarily in the healthcare industry. He most recently worked as Principal – Product Management at Walmart Health. Prior to that, he served as CEO & Co-Founder of Labotist, a convenient, tech-driven platform that connects patients with laboratory services.

  • Michael Cuello, MHA, Head of Strategy and Operations, brings expertise in health sciences, entrepreneurship and data analysis to CardioOne. He spent over two years as the Director of Member Insight for Gist Healthcare, a strategic advisory firm that was purchased by Kaufman Hall in January 2023. He previously worked in Operations Analytics and Growth Strategy for Privia Health, a physician enablement company for primary care physicians. 

Charting the path forward for independent cardiologists

Independent cardiologists invest many years in building and growing their practices. These established entrepreneurs, as well as employed cardiologists considering a move to private practice, deserve the option to work autonomously. CardioOne allows them to alleviate the burdens of practice management, navigate their way toward value-based care and focus on their true passion—the practice of medicine.