December 14, 2023
December 14, 2023

2023 Redesign Health Recap

The Redesign Health community soared to new heights this year. We welcomed a remarkable group of CEOs into our ecosystem and launched over a dozen new healthcare companies to tackle some of healthcare’s toughest challenges. We actively worked to cultivate connections among our CEOs, creating space for invaluable knowledge sharing through our second annual CEO Summit and unique founder-focused programming. As we wrap up the year, here's a recap of some of our most exciting moments.

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  • We launched transformative companies.

    In 2023, exceptional founding teams launched transformative healthcare businesses at Redesign Health, addressing needs across the healthcare spectrum, from adolescent mental health to chronic disease infusion care.   

  • Our companies partnered with leading organizations.

    Companies in the Redesign Health ecosystem launched new partnerships with industry leaders and successfully raised additional capital.

  • We welcomed 25 new CEOs.

    Our Operating Companies range from newly-launched concepts to businesses that are rapidly becoming market leaders across the healthcare ecosystem. This year we welcomed 25 new CEOs to lead the growth and expansion of Operating Companies built at Redesign Health.

  • Operating Company leaders embraced opportunities to actively share knowledge with one another, fostering a vibrant community of collaboration and learning.

    In the CEO Conversations series, CEOs participate in candid discussions, creating a unique space where they share insights from their journeys as founders. They've explored topics such as integrating AI into a product roadmap, building compensation plans for B2B salespeople and top considerations for 1099 vs. W2 for provider staffing. It's a dynamic blend of shared wisdom and practical solutions. CEOs also began meeting regularly in cohorts strategically grouped by factors like customer type, target audience, and fundraise stage.

  • We hosted our second annual Re View Summit for CEOs of companies built at Redesign Health. 

    At the core of our mission to redesign healthcare for everyone lies the essential element of collaboration. In September, we gathered 40+ operating company CEOs in New York City for the 2023 Re View Summit to participate in engaging panels, workshops and networking opportunities. Session topics included generative AI in healthcare and the power of partnering with healthcare incumbents. The CEOs in attendance collectively represented the healthcare journeys of over 15 million patients who have directly benefited from our transformative work.

  • We continued to expand our network of expert advisors.

    Members of Redesign Health Advise contribute their expertise to healthcare innovation by partnering with our Operating Companies to help us solve some of today’s most pressing issues. In 2023, we added 200 advisors to our network of accomplished industry leaders.

    We also announced that David Entwistle, President and CEO of Stanford Health Care, joined our Board of Directors in August. A renowned healthcare leader, David has a storied career of driving transformative health innovations at academic medical centers and leading them to achieve national recognition for patient care quality. 

  • Five Years of Redesigning Health

    This year marked five years since we launched Redesign Health. Since 2018, we’ve launched over 50 companies and generated $2 billion in value. We're inspired by the strides the Redesign Health community has taken towards our mission of redesigning health for everyone and eagerly anticipate another exciting year ahead!