Redesign Health April 21, 2022
Redesign Health April 21, 2022

Ambition and Urgency Shape the New Redesign Health Brand

It’s easy to become attached to Redesign Health’s vision to make humanity healthier. Healthcare is public and personal, macro and micro, immediate and long term. All of us have experiences with healthcare. We firmly believe healthcare can and should be better: more accessible, safer, of higher quality. Today, we’re thrilled to share our rebrand, which embodies both our aspirations for the future and the urgency that this moment in healthcare demands.

Looking to the Future

We’re a company that is deeply interested in transformation. We’re not resistant to change, we’re insistent on it. We’re constantly asking, how can we push the envelope? What’s coming next? How can we get ahead of the future or, even better, define it? And what’s unique about us is that when we get the answer or a great idea, we go for it; we go big and do it with unmatched speed and confidence.

Our new brand is the culmination of conversations with people from all levels of the organization — those who have been with Redesign since the beginning to people who just walked in the door. We listened to founders, partners, and industry experts.

Our brand reflects our ambitious mission and speaks to how we are powering innovation and developing technologies, tools, and insights that lower the barriers to change in healthcare.

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Building a new institution

Anytime you’re developing a brand, you must uncover the central idea that defines what is unique about your company; that idea becomes the north star. For us it was: We’re creating an institution with the power to rapidly advance human health. An institution is an organization broadly associated with a specific purpose and shaped by the collective actions of many. An institution has long term aspirations that outlive its creators. An institution creates bold impact because of the strength of its network and connectivity.

Defining what a modern institution can be deeply resonated with us: it evoked the urgency of this moment in healthcare and the “hugeness” of what we wanted to accomplish.

From that point on, we had something to measure our designs against. If our colors, typeface, or logo didn’t look that big or speak to that urgency, they didn’t work.

Our Logo

Part prism, part healthcare cross, the central symbol represents Redesign Health’s multifaceted approach to changing healthcare across the entire spectrum of the industry.

Instead of starting one company from one perspective, we believe that the only way you can make impactful change is to build hundreds of companies, incorporating countless perspectives, into a unified vision for change at speed.

The symbol tells us where we want to go and what we want to be, beyond where we are now. And as the omnipresent fixture in our branding and the world we create, it will be something we use to tell our story forever.

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Our Colors

Our brand has a bold color palette with a lot of range — from black to neon green. The energy can be dialed up for instances when we want to catch a lot of attention, or pulled back for more formal uses. Our vibrant colors and bright greens and oranges are bolder than anything else in the healthcare space, just like our ambitions.

Our Typeface

Our typeface leaves room for bold, inventive moments, as well as everyday communication. We leaned into a set of dynamic Serifs — rare in present day healthcare — that speak to our commitment to long-term solutions without feeling staid or stationary. Supporting typeface brings an elegance to our day to day communications. Paired with challenging colors and striking graphics, we hope the set brings an institutional wisdom and progressive sensibility to every brand interaction.

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Becoming a Symbol

We went through this rebrand at an urgent moment in healthcare, amidst the pandemic that put a stark focus on the challenges in our healthcare industry. But rather than pose a challenge, this moment gave our work even more purpose and perspective. We‘re building something not just for the next year or ten years, but to last the next hundred years. Embracing that perspective only happens when you work at a place like Redesign Health, a place that nurtures bold, unexpected, and diverse ideas.

Ultimately, we hope our brand becomes a symbol in the world of health. We hope it influences not only how we continue to approach our work, but also the type of people that want to join us and the way our industry tackles big challenges — namely, with more ambition, urgency, and perspectives.

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