April 20, 2023
April 20, 2023

Celebrating Five Years of Redesigning Health for Everyone

Five years ago, we realized the only way to create real change in healthcare is at scale — launching one or two companies at a time won’t make a dent in the complex, sprawling healthcare ecosystem. Now, five years later, we’re proud to have powered the launch of more than 50 healthcare companies.

We took this opportunity to reflect on major milestones of our journey. 

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  • April 2018: Redesign Health Founded
    Despite rapid advancements in the science of healthcare over the past 20 years, the business of care delivery remains mostly unchanged  — with patients suffering every day as a result. We built Redesign Health to solve these pain points of healthcare innovation at scale. In 2018, we assembled a small team in New York, led by our current CEO Brett Shaheen, to address this issue.

  • November 2018: First Patient Served (Jabra Enhance, FKA Lively)
    Jabra Enhance, (FKA Lively), a virtual hearing-health clinic was the first company built at Redesign Health. Understanding firsthand that getting a hearing device was a frustrating and expensive experience, the founding team set out to provide hearing care to everyone in a simple and accessible way through an innovative online care model. In a short time, Jabra Enhance quickly grew to become a leader in the direct-to-consumer hearing care space.

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  • October 2021: Hit 100 Employees
    Our core team is transforming healthcare by working alongside our founding teams to bring new solutions from idea to scale, supporting our portfolio of companies as they grow. Our team hails from tech, healthcare and finance and works with founders to create healthcare solutions across all sectors of the industry.

    Today, we have over 200 Redesign Health team members, and over 1,000 employees across the ecosystem of operating companies. 

  • December 2021: First Exit (Jabra Enhance, fka Lively)
    GN Hearing acquired a controlling stake in the company in 2021, marking Redesign Health’s first exit. Lively is now Jabra Enhance and continues its mission of empowering people with hearing loss.

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  • April 2022: Launch of Current Brand
    The Redesign Health rebrand embodies both our aspirations for the future and the urgency that this moment in healthcare demands. Learn more here.

  • 2022: Launched Partnerships and Closed Series C Offering
    We announced our Series C fundraise, with new partners General Catalyst, CVS Health Ventures and UPMC Enterprises, and shared that Hemant Taneja, CEO and Managing Director of General Catalyst, joined our Board.

    Eden Global Partners, Euclidean Capital, Samsung Next, TriplePoint Capital, and founding investor Declaration Partners also participated in the financing. Alongside their investments, General Catalyst, CVS Health Ventures and UPMC Enterprises announced they’ll aim to leverage our platform tools, technologies, and insights to help build and support dozens of businesses addressing unmet needs in the coming years. Read more here.

    We also announced the first company to be created out of our partnership with UPMC Enterprises with the launch of Pip Care, a company that helps patients prepare for and recover from surgery through a consumer-facing app.

  • September 2022: Held our First CEO Summit
    We brought together 30+ Operating Company CEOs and our Venture Chairs for the inaugural Re View Summit in 2022. This two-day event focused on the best practices for successfully scaling businesses and provided invaluable opportunities for attendees to connect with their peers and Redesign Health team members in person.

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  • April 2023: 5 Years and 50th OpCo Funded
    In just five years, 50 healthcare businesses have been funded at Redesign Health, touching the lives of more than 14 million people across verticals including cancer care, teleaudiology, COVID-19 testing, metabolic health and more.

We are proud of the progress we have made towards our mission of redesigning health for everyone over the past five years, and we’re just getting started. The more companies built on the Redesign Health platform, the more high-quality experiences we can bring to people and patients, and the more likely we are to have a tangible impact on our broken healthcare system.

If you're interested in joining our team or partnering with us, please visit our website.