We provide our partners the expertise, insights, and infrastructure to lower barriers to change and accelerate healthcare innovation.

Redesign Health has built an unrivaled platform and ecosystem with a singular focus on accelerating healthcare innovation. Now, we’re bringing our expertise to you. We are continually building new innovation partnerships that have the power to redesign health for everyone.

Partner with us
Partner with us

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Meeting our partners' needs

Leveraging the learnings gathered from ideating, developing, and scaling over 50 companies, we collaborate with leading healthcare incumbents to tackle their organizational challenges and efficiently evaluate concepts for rapid commercialization and value creation.

  • Drive results in a rapidly changing market

    Partner with our 50+ companies to deliver meaningful outcomes

  • Optimize your investments and initiatives

    Access our research and market intelligence to inform your strategic decisions

  • Transform your ideas into impact

    Engage our research team to identify and validate your organization’s innovation opportunities

  • Execute your growth opportunities

    Implement and commercialize new concepts to drive financial returns

  • 50+ Portfolio
  • 200+ Healthcare
  • $1.3B Capital raised
    from leading
  • 300+ Advisors at
    every stage
    of growth
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Ready to drive your innovation

portfolio forward?

Partner with us
Partner with us