Company Culture July 18, 2022
Company Culture July 18, 2022

Redesigning Company Culture

We have big ambitions at Redesign Health: to make humanity healthier and to redesign healthcare for everyone. We strive to do things differently here, and building our company culture is no exception. Innovative thinking begins with an engaged team, which is why we put so much focus on creating the best experience possible for our people.

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To ensure our employees can do their best work, it’s critical for them to feel supported as individuals. It’s also important that they feel engaged and inspired, which begins with cultivating a company culture that encourages constant learning and creative thinking. We think holistically when it comes to the ways we engage our team members: from company-wide brainstorm sessions focused on finding our next Operating Company, to a Conscious Leadership session for all employees, to benefits that provide parents with stipends for summer camp. We strive to create the best experience possible — and we’re thrilled to see that Inc. agrees with their recognition of Redesign Health as a “Best Place to Work” this year.

Here are some of the ways we’re focused on creating the best experience for our team:

  • 1. We empower our team members with the skills they need to lead the evolution of healthcare and build the solutions of tomorrow.

    From their very first days at Redesign Health, we provide our employees with the training and skills they need to feel confident in their roles, to lead and grow. People come to our team from a wide range of backgrounds, which is part of what powers our innovative thinking. For those without backgrounds in healthcare, we’ve introduced an annual Healthcare 101 half-day-long program to introduce our team to the complexities of the U.S. healthcare system.

  • 2. From benefits to company-wide initiatives, we provide opportunities for our employees to thrive in and out of the workplace.

    The Redesign Health team is incredibly talented and brings deep knowledge across many different sectors to the table. It’s no surprise that we regularly tap into team member insights to drive new ideas. Because innovation is such a critical part of our business model, we offer opportunities for company-wide participation including Lunch & Learns and Moonshot Idea Sessions. We want to provide our team with the chance to learn with and from their brilliant peers who work in different areas.

    Our Moonshot Idea Sessions encourage everyone to participate in building solutions for tomorrow’s problems. These sessions focus on concrete ways to brainstorm and harness creativity, and result in the sharing of big ideas that have the potential to inspire an Operating Company or solutions for other challenges. We believe that everyone can contribute meaningfully to ideation, so long as they’re provided with the right framework to encourage creativity.

    Through our Lunch & Learn series, we offer in-depth sessions that explain the basics of what different teams do and their areas of focus. Because building businesses at scale requires an intensive amount of high-level, interdisciplinary collaboration, it’s critical that employees have an effective understanding of the role different Redesign Health teams play in our cycle of ideating, building, and scaling companies.

    It’s important to us to take the time to educate our team on new Operating Companies we’re working on . We hold open pitch sessions weekly where anyone in the organization can learn about and ask questions about a new Operating Company.

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  • 3. We believe our employees can perform their best when they feel like they belong.

    We aim to create an environment that reflects and includes all Redesign Health team members. As part of this, we developed our Belonging@Redesign DEI philosophy, which has three core components: Perspectives@Redesign, Community@Redesign, and Diversity@Redesign. The goal of this program is to put those values into practice by creating a sense of belonging for all team members that allows them to flourish.

    We offer four Community Groups: LGBTQ@, Women@, Parents&Caregivers@, and BIPOC@Redesign, which are led by and for team members who share an identity—whether that be gender, ethnicity, caregiver status, or sexual orientation. Each Community Group receives support from a senior leader and the People Experience team, as well as financial stipends for programming. These groups create an atmosphere that’s conducive to personal growth and networking with educational programming . Our goal is to foster a workplace where every individual feels a sense of belonging.

    Additionally, we hold biannual ‘Redesign Cares Days,’ where the entire organization volunteers for health & wellness-related causes that positively impact our communities.

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  • 4. We’re trying to create not only a world-class experience, but the best candidate and people experience in the world.

    We attract top talent because our culture and value proposition is very deliberate, and we invest significantly in our people.

    For new parents, we offer a variety of benefits tailored towards supporting them and their families. For example, we offer benefits like fertility services, a one-year diaper subscription and a summer camp stipend—and we enable new parents to bring a travel companion with them for the first year for business trips.

    Our ability to constantly iterate our process to provide innovative healthcare solutions is fueled by our employees’ endless curiosity. We’re all constantly learning: that’s why we offer a learning stipend of up to $1,000 annually.

    We spent time building our mental wellness offering when I first joined the Redesign Health team, because when you put together a lot of smart, ambitious people during a global pandemic, creating a comprehensive mental health initiative naturally becomes a top priority. We brought in a mental health expert for a lunch-and-learn about boundary setting and avoiding burnout. We have a two-week winter break and quarterly mental health breaks, and we actively encourage people to not only take PTO, but post photos in our Slack channel of their PTO. We also offer free premium subscriptions to Headspace. Finally, we ensure all of our health benefits have $0 monthly contributions, so that our team members have access to the healthcare they need to lead their healthiest lives.

    Flexibility and support is the foundation of our team member experience, and Open Work, our hybrid work approach, is proof of that. As far as we’re concerned, the future of work is here: you get to choose your location and working hours, and that’s just how we operate. We’ve attracted a much more diverse cohort by allowing individuals to be based anywhere across the US.

    Redesign Health has constructed an ethos of purposeful creativity, which enables our employees to think outside of the box. We believe that a better process for innovation begins with your big ideas blossoming within our one-of-a-kind work environment.

    Redesigning health for everyone requires a diverse set of skills. If you’re ambitious and have a track record of success, check out our open roles!