Talent Acquisition April 19, 2022
Talent Acquisition April 19, 2022

Tara Alvarez: My Three Favorite Things About Working at Redesign Health

As part of our “My Three Favorite Things About Working at Redesign Health” series, we welcome our VP of Talent Acquisition, Tara Alvarez, to share her experience cultivating Redesign Health’s team of driven innovators. Come join us!

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When I took my first call with Redesign, they were super new. They didn’t even have a website.

We’ve obviously grown significantly since then, and being part of that growth has been incredible. While my role has always centered on helping to build companies from the ground up, it’s evolved from calling people and letting them know that we exist, to having brand recognition on both coasts and figuring out how to continue to scale and accelerate hiring.

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"We have the opportunity to make a significant impact on people's lives."

My three favorite things about Redesign have remained the same since the very beginning:

  • 1. The people who work at Redesign are well-intentioned, and everyone operates with the highest integrity. 

    When I first met with Brett Shaheen, the CEO, Kyle Tatz, Head of New Ventures, and Evan Gogel, Head of Portfolio Operations, I was struck by how kind and approachable the team was. Their passion and vision were clear from our first meeting. I could tell that Redesign was building something different, and I’ve never looked back.

  • 2. Redesign’s people-focused culture, where people work hard and are rewarded with incredible opportunities for growth. 

    Our leadership team understands the importance of Redesign’s growth, but as the company has grown in size, there’s been no compromise when it comes to finding the right people to join our team. People are at the center of everything we do, so we’re really careful when it comes to bringing in individuals who operate with good intentions, and who really care about other people.

    Redesign is a fun place to work — but that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. Our business model is unique and offers a ton of growth opportunities. You can’t go anywhere else and expect to build ten founding teams a year. This is an excellent place to work particularly if you’re looking to challenge an aspect of the status quo and are always searching for the capability to expand.

  • 3. Redesign is on a mission to meaningfully impact people’s lives through innovation in all different areas of healthcare.

    I’ve been able to watch one of the first three companies built at Redesign, Vault, grow from a company of 5 people to one composed of over 1,000. Vault’s COVID testing solution has been adopted by over 3,500 businesses, municipalities, states, and schools, supplying over 12 million highly accurate COVID tests to individuals over the course of the pandemic thus far. One of the best parts of the job is hiring the first person on a team and watching the company grow to a Series A. It’s not really surprising that we’re all so passionate about what we do — we have the opportunity to make a significant impact on people’s lives.

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Tara Alvarez VP, Talent Acquisition

Tara is a graduate of Boston College, where she studied Communications and English. Her career in recruiting began at Bridgewater Associates, where she was the Recruiting Operations Coordinator. After a couple of years working in financial consulting at the Gartland and Mellina Group (which has since been acquired by Sia Partners), she returned to the field of recruiting as an Executive Recruiter for Daversa Partners. She began working for Redesign in 2018 as a Talent Lead, and is now the Vice President of Talent Acquisition.