People January 26, 2023
People January 26, 2023

Amy Dowell: Using The Power of Empathy and Storytelling, My Road to Powering Community in Healthcare

Amy Dowell, Vice President of Marketing, reflects on her career journey and how her unique experience contributes to powering community at Redesign Health.

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I studied advertising at the University of Texas at Austin and was immediately fascinated by the psychology of marketing. A marketer’s superpower is the ability to compel people to look at things differently, to persuade them to make a choice, or try something new. I got into healthcare because I wanted to make a difference and improve the way that people receive care. Early on, I realized it was my love for storytelling that would enable me to do this most effectively. 

Connecting the Health Ecosystem Through Storytelling is My North Star 

After two years of getting my feet wet at a marketing agency, I began working at BRSG Advertising, where I gained experience on my first healthcare account. My client was a start-up that created a medical device called VAC therapy, which has since impacted thousands of lives. Within a few years of joining BRSG Advertising, the company pivoted to focus solely on healthcare and rebranded as HCB Health. Helping build the MedTech division was a huge opportunity for me, and a pivotal moment in my career. 

Greater exposure to MedTech showed me the dire need for proper marketing of new devices and technology – the industry is busy and users need a clear understanding of new products. New ideas require new storytelling techniques. We’re not just telling patient stories, but stories that capture how clinicians can improve their own efficiency and scale their efforts and impact.

For example, when working on a surgical ophthalmology account for over a decade, I traveled the world and interviewed eye surgeons to learn why they needed better cataract lens implants. By listening and absorbing this information, I was able to educate clinical users in more compelling ways and generate excitement about the extent of what the new product could mean for their lives. 

I was so fortunate for the opportunity to work at HCB Health for almost 20 years, eventually becoming an Associate Partner and Head of our MedTech division. These roles enabled me to really dig in and expand my knowledge of the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. 

During my time there, I was introduced to the various components of the care continuum: where care is delivered, who delivers which types of care, and the systemic problems that get in the way of effective care. 

Working at Two Start-Ups Made Me Appreciate the Scope and Impact of the Founder’s Journey 

After learning so much from my clients at HCB Health, I wanted to experience the other side of the equation. So I decided it was time to work at a start-up. 

I joined Wheel as the Head of Sales and Marketing when the company was still at a very early-stage—I believe I was the eleventh team member. Very quickly, I realized just how much I didn’t know about a start-up’s lifecycle, which was very humbling, and also taught me a whole new set of skills.

As a company focused on virtual care infrastructure, Wheel began experiencing tremendous growth during the pandemic. It was incredibly gratifying to help expand access to such necessary care during an unprecedented period of isolation. But similar to others, the pandemic provided an opportunity to reflect on my life, and I realized I was ready to take on a new challenge. 

I decided to start my own consulting business, Authentica Health. I was responsible for everything, from making sure that I had a healthy balance sheet to a sustainable client roster. 

Of course, I didn’t know this at the time, but both of these experiences created the perfect foundation for the work I’m doing at Redesign Health. It gave me a real appreciation for everything that goes into the founder's journey, and what a true founder's ethos is. When you’re a co-founder or a CEO, you're putting together and executing strategy while sweeping the floors and taking out the trash before you leave the office.

Because of this experience, I’m that much more motivated to help Redesign Health accelerate the founder’s journey and bring founders out of isolation, linking them with a network of experts. 

Developing a Community-Powered Platform at Redesign Health

I initially supported Redesign Health in a consulting role, after Missy Krasner – one of our Venture Chairs – approached me and told me about the incredibly innovative business model. I began working directly with Janine Gianfredi, who was the Head of Marketing at that time, helping her build out the product marketing workflow, processes and management for these Operating Companies. 

Although I really loved working for myself, when I was asked to come on full-time at Redesign Health, I knew in my bones that this was such a unique opportunity, and that I would regret it if I didn't give it a shot.

Today, I’m running the Marketing organization at Redesign Health, with a team of incredibly passionate brand builders. This group sets a very high bar for what it means to bring a narrative to life for our Founders. They are focused on collaborating with many internal teams – from New Ventures to Product to Legal to our Venture Chairs, and ultimately our Founding Teams, to ensure that our go-to-market strategies are sound, that product-market-fit is achievable, and that CEOs have a marketing strategy they can build upon to secure talent, partners and investors.

We have big goals this year, and I have no doubt that our uniquely talented team is poised to create the foundations for success that gives our portfolio of Operating companies the market edge they each deserve. Because at the end of the day, we’re all focused on the same North star: To redesign health for everyone.

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Amy Dowell Vice President, Marketing

Amy Dowell is Vice President of Marketing at Redesign Health, where she leads a team of brand-builders who develop narratives and create marketing strategies for every company launched at Redesign Health. Prior to Redesign, she founded her own consulting business, Authentica Health, where she provided marketing strategy to digital health companies. Previously, Amy was the Head of Sales and Marketing of Wheel, an early-stage healthcare company focused on virtual care infrastructure. She spent the first 20 years of career on the agency side, with extensive experience at HCB Health. There, Amy built the MedTech Division and worked her way up to Associate Partner and Managing Director, focusing primarily on enterprise-level medical device brands ranging from cardiovascular to ophthalmology to orthopedic-spine and beyond. She received her B.S. in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin and serves as a board member of half Helen, a nonprofit organization that provides preventive vision and hearing screenings, closing the access to care gap for children in low-income communities.