CEO August 03, 2022
CEO August 03, 2022

Leadership Lessons from CEOs of Healthcare Companies

Each Operating Company built at Redesign Health is led by a CEO who sets the vision for the company and defines the overall strategy from launch to scale. While CEOs of companies built at Redesign Health come from various leadership roles and backgrounds, these leaders consistently display an action-oriented mentality, with a track record of consistently achieving results — even under challenging circumstances.

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We’ve asked a few leaders to share insights and lessons learned while building businesses across the healthcare ecosystem.

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"There are places to make fast decisions and places to move more slowly."

  • Back in April, we asked Kyle Talcott, Co-Founder and CEO of UpLift, about his decision-making process and keys to building a collaborative internal culture. UpLift is building a future where a primary mental health provider is the new standard.

    Kyle: Doing the right thing guides on internal culture. With that in mind, we try things in small doses, and learn little by little - hopefully without making significant mistakes. We try to consider the fact that there are places to make fast decisions within healthcare, and there are places to move more slowly.

  • Amy Shecter, CEO of Ever/Body, shared her advice on thoughtful, effective leadership. Ever/Body provides cosmetic dermatology for every tone, texture, age, gender, and body.

    Amy: I've learned over time that stepping into a senior position isn't necessarily your "moment to shine", which has felt like a natural evolution and professional growth. While I own the tough decisions, the business's success is owned by the team."

  • Jon Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO of Overalls, recalls his first 100 days of building the modern benefits company as challenging and rewarding all at the same time. Overalls is a modern benefits company that combines concierge-like services with tailored financial protection products in a delightful experience designed to save time, celebrate milestones, and protect the things we care about.

    Jon: Staying flexible and being willing to incorporate customer feedback early on is so important - if you don't do that, everything else is more complicated downstream. Tinkering with our original idea catalyzed a real breakthrough.

  • Similar to Jon, Cynthia Benjamin, CEO and Co-Founder of Together Senior Health, shared the need to fully understand your customer or patient in order to best serve their needs. Together Senior Health is a digital therapeutic and community platform dedicated to helping people with Alzheimer’s and dementia remain healthy and independent at home.

    Cynthia: It's critical for innovation to meet the needs of the people you're trying to serve. Instead of operating on assumptions, you need to consider what their needs really are. That takes curiosity and openness.

  • Lastly, Dan Smith, Founder and CEO of Kins, left us with inspiring advice to constantly and actively pursue the innovative ideas that will help redesign healthcare as we know it. Kins is modernizing physical therapy by combining the best of in-person care with the power of digital.

    Dan: Curiosity isn't the only requirement for successful innovation, but it's close. If you approach a problem believing that you already know the answer, you're not innovating. In order to redesign healthcare, we can't just be passively open to new ideas - we need to be constantly and actively seeking them out every day.

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"We need to be constantly and actively seeking new ideas out."