Internship September 01, 2022
Internship September 01, 2022

Reflections From Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Summer 2022 Class of Redesign Health Interns

At Redesign Health, we’re on a mission to redesign health for everyone, which requires that we include as many perspectives as possible in our dynamic process of ideating, building, and launching healthcare solutions.

We actively seek out the driven innovators of tomorrow and throw our considerable weight behind them—because brilliant people are the key to a brighter future. The 2022 Summer Class of 20+ Redesign Health Interns brought their intellect and insights to 13 teams  — including the Capital Development team, the People Experience team, and more — and demonstrated the importance of introducing fresh perspectives to the Redesign Health model. They focused on a variety of initiatives, including helping deepen relationships with investors, evaluating new strategic investment opportunities, supporting the end-to-end people operations process, driving employee engagement activities, and more. 

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We asked a few of this summer’s Redesign Health Interns to reflect on their experience of helping build high-quality health solutions at scale. Here’s what they had to say:

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Sneha Samaveda, Product Marketing Intern

A candidate for a Masters of Science in Marketing Analytics at Simon Business School of the University of Rochester, Sneha worked closely with the Product Marketing team to help prepare for the launch of Motto, an Operating Company built at Redesign Health. In addition to refining and testing Motto’s value proposition, Sneha helped build a referral network, identify appropriate marketing channels, and execute outreach to providers.

"Interning at Redesign Health has been an incredible experience made possible by encouraging mentors, ambitious peers, and an inclusive company culture where I could successfully fulfill my professional and personal growth goals. As a member of the product marketing team, I got the opportunity to work on implementing a go-to-market strategy for an early-stage company. This exposed me to many aspects of the PMM function, which is uniquely positioned at Redesign Health to help founding teams with critical business decision-making in the pre-launch phase. Spending my summer with Redesign Health played a pivotal role in my journey of carving a path for myself in the healthcare space and working with purpose-driven companies and founders."

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Christina Langmack, Enterprise Growth Intern

A candidate for a Masters of Business Administration at MIT Sloan School of Management, Christina collaborated with leaders of the Enterprise Growth team to create and refine Ways of Working processes that streamline diligence with partners, validate product-market fit, and facilitate partnership outreach and go-to-market plans for Operating Companies throughout their life cycles. She also helped to organize and socialize these processes across the New Business Development team. Christina collaborated on the creation of new assets for external use in strategic partner meetings. 

“This summer with the Enterprise Growth team, I helped unite innovative early-stage companies with industry incumbent partners. The team takes a targeted, ecosystem-driven approach to accelerate growth across all stages of a company’s lifecycle, from early opportunity identification to commercial partnerships to network advising and beyond. This integrated, cohesive method allowed me to work with and learn from a diverse cross-section of people and companies across Redesign. More broadly, it brought to life Redesign’s unique model of driving unprecedented change at scale.”

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Olivia Stein, Talent Operations Intern

A rising senior and organizational studies major at The University of Michigan, Olivia worked closely with the Talent Effectiveness and People Experience teams to help streamline and bolster knowledge management processes. In addition to playing an active role in the candidate experience, Olivia helped develop performance management programs, support the adoption of recruitment tools, and organize internal hiring processes.

"Thank you to the entire staff at Redesign Health for creating such a welcoming, accepting, and comfortable company culture where I was able to gain tons of connections and experiences in such a short period of time. As a college student who desires to help restructure the healthcare system, I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to support Redesign Health as they work to power innovation in healthcare by developing technologies, tools, and insights that lower the barriers to change across the industry."

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Ian Hall, Business Success Intern

A rising senior and Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering major at Stanford University, Ian worked with the Business Success team to help build a framework to gather quantitative and qualitative feedback for Operating Companies that have launched into the market. Today, the Business Success team is utilizing a survey Ian designed to produce a retrospective analysis of previous Operating Company launches at Redesign Health.

"As a member of the Business Success team, I worked on designing and implementing feedback loops on aspects of the launch process. Working with launch managers both with operating companies and internally, I got to see how Redesign helps in orchestrating and gaining insights on the launch process. The talented and driven people at Redesign were super welcoming and great mentors, motivating me to take my own initiative and make an impact."

The Redesign Heath team is looking for exceptional talent to help grow our ecosystem.  Come join us!