Sector : Healthcare Financial Services
Launched : 2024

Thrivory is pioneering innovations in AI to guarantee payments without practice risk

Thrivory solves the uncertain and sluggish reimbursement cycles that plague healthcare providers. Thrivory’s AI-enabled risk model accurately predicts claim collectability, transforming delayed and uncertain reimbursements into accelerated, guaranteed payments. Unlike alternatives, Thrivory assumes 100% of all collection, denial and adjustment risk – while providing ai-enabled reporting tools to practices to maximize reimbursements for improved patient care and profitable growth.



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Patrick LaVoie is CEO of Thrivory. He is a hands-on and tactical operator with over 25 years experience, serving in executive leadership, board and advisory roles across industries to provide operational, financial and customer-centric direction and execution. Patrick most recently served as Chief Operating Officer, Director and Secretary of the Board for GeniusRx, a US-based digital and patient-first Pharmacy-as-a-Service (PhaaS) platform. Patrick was the Chief Operating & Growth Officer and HIPAA Officer of GlobalMed Telemedicine, a vertically integrated telemedicine company with operations and implementations in over 50 countries around the globe. Previously, he held executive leadership roles at OpenForce and Equity Capital Group, 

Patrick graduated from Arizona State University with an undergraduate degree in Finance with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems followed by an MBA from Thunderbird, The International School of Global Management.

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