Sector : Gastroenterology
Launched : 2024

SideBy Care delivers whole-person care to discover the drivers of functional GI disorders and personalized coaching to achieve long-term health

SideBy Care empowers patients with functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) and extends GI provider practices through virtual, team-based, whole person care and coaching. Backed by behavioral science and powered by a highly scalable technology platform, SideBy Care’s expert care team of registered dietitians, gut-brain therapists, and care coordinators support patients on their journey to better gut health.


CEO & Co-Founder

J. Leonard
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Patrick is the CEO and co-founder of SideBy Care, a virtual care service for people with functional GI disorders. Patrick has led product development for some of the largest digital health companies and healthcare products, and he is passionate about leveraging virtual care and AI to make healthcare more accessible world-wide.Most recently, Patrick served as the Head of Product for Virtual Care at CVS Health, where he led the development and nationwide launch of virtual care technology and Virtual Primary Care products, spanning over 1,100 medical clinics. Additionally, as the CEO and co-founder of Sopris Health, he pioneered the first fully automated AI scribe for healthcare. He also led the product design and development of Olive Assures for Olive AI.

His extensive career includes roles as the CTO of iTriage (acquired by Aetna) and Aetna's CTO for Innovation and Digital, where he played a pivotal role in founding Aetna Digital, now an integral part of CVS. Patrick received his B.S. in Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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