Sector : Comprehensive Medication Management
Launched : 2024

Medication Management made simple

Scriptology is a revolutionary comprehensive medication management service. Their team of expert clinical pharmacists harnesses technology to offer unparalleled support, simplifying and refining the medication experience for patients, and enhancing health outcomes that resonate throughout healthcare networks, insurers, employers, and, above all, patients.

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Erin Hendrick is CEO of Scriptology, a company that delivers a mix of services and technology solutions to efficiently scale ambulatory clinical pharmacy programs, improve care coordination, and fully integrate pharmacist expertise into the care team. Erin is an accomplished healthcare executive with over 20 years experience driving growth in the private, public and non-profit healthcare sector. As Executive Vice President of Commercial Partnerships at Shields Health Solutions, Erin helped grow the company from a regional to national footprint with a >20x growth in EBIDTA over 5 years. 

A clinical pharmacist by training, Erin previously worked as a Chief Operating Officer within Emory Healthcare and has made a career of working with and within health systems to enhance patient outcomes, provider satisfaction and health-system finances through optimizing clinical pharmacy services.  

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