Sector : Caregiving
Launched : 2023

Helpful is your Clarity in Caregiving. Helpful combines your loved one's insurance benefits, medical records and enriches caregiving skills in one user-friendly platform.

Helpful offers a personalized caregiving tool to meet you and your loved one’s needs to save you both time and money. No manual input needed. On average, caregivers dedicate 20 hours per week, resulting in an astonishing $600 billion annually in unpaid care. Helpful provides access to a loved ones medical records, comprehensive insurance information through strategic partnerships with Medicare Advantage plans and is available free of charge to family members of Original Medicare (parts A & B).


CEO & Co-Founder

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Wes Donohoe is CEO and Co-founder of Helpful, the leading app supporting caregivers by streamlining and automating the administrative elements of caregiving. Prior to Helpful, Wes led the product and design teams at Everside Health, One Medical and Live Nation Entertainment. He brings his extensive experience building empowering and engaging products and services to Helpful, to ensure that each person caring for a loved one is supported. Wes holds a BS from Babson College and is currently a Board Advisor for the KMH Center for Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Babson College.

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