Sector : Payment Accuracy
Launched : 2020

Precision payments brought to healthcare

Anomaly brings Precision Payments to healthcare, reducing costs and removing friction for payers, providers, and patients.

Healthcare billing is complex and prone to errors—at a cost of over $300 billion annually.

Precision Payments means only the right amount is paid the first time, lowering costs and reducing complexity for everyone. Cutting-edge AI/ML technology catches anomalous claims and errors, enabling payments to flow with precision. Anomaly's team of technical, clinical, and operational experts is working with innovative payers and providers to improve payment accuracy and implement this vision.



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Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur, commercial leader and expert in healthcare strategy with a focus on digital transformation. His experience with some of the United States’ and Europe’s largest and most innovative health systems has helped him bring a unique approach to healthcare growth strategy. Prior to joining Anomaly, Mike served as Chief Commercial Officer for OxfordVR, a company building evidence-based digital therapeutics for serious mental illness.  In this role, Mike helped drive a successful exit for OxfordVR in its 2022 merger with BehaVR; creating the world’s largest delivery platform for VR based digital therapeutics.

His entrepreneurial experience includes running strategic growth for Mytonomy, a leading digital care start-up.  Before this, Mike served as Managing Director and Senior Principal at Optum where he spent 12 years as a trusted advisor to several of the United States’ leading health systems. Mike lives in Virginia where he is currently serving a 4-year gubernatorial appointment to the Board of Health of Virginia. 

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