Sector : Dementia Care
Launched : 2023

Comprehensive dementia care solution supporting doctors and guiding patients and caregivers through dementia care with candor, compassion and dignity

Harmonic Health is revolutionizing dementia care through an evidence-based, comprehensive care solution extending from primary care physicians to bridge the gaps across patients, caregivers and providers. Fundamentally focused on managing the impact of cognitive decline, Harmonic combines advanced technology and an expert care team to provide personalized support, including resources, education and ongoing care, helping physicians meaningfully impact the lives of patients facing neurodegenerative diseases.


CEO & Founder

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Jim Gera is the Founder and CEO of Harmonic Health. He brings extensive experience across commercial, Medicare and Medicaid programs, working with a spectrum of companies ranging from large private providers, not-for-profits, public fortune 500 and startups. His expertise spans physician groups, hospital organizations, ancillary healthcare providers (surgery centers, skilled nursing, home health, physical therapy, etc.) and managed care organizations.

Over the past 10 years, Jim has led two of the largest specialist value-based care programs in the US. The first as the SVP of Business Development at Signature Medical Group, and the second as Founder and CEO of Fusion5. In addition to working in value-based care with specialists, Jim has deep expertise in population health models, developing ACOs, Medicare Advantage, CINs and DCE.

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