Talent Acquisition May 31, 2022
Talent Acquisition May 31, 2022

Mark Rosenblum: My Three Favorite Things About Working at Redesign Health

As part of our “My Three Favorite Things About Working at Redesign Health” series, we welcome our Managing Director of New Ventures, Mark Rosenblum, to share his experience co-creating and launching healthcare companies. The Redesign team is growing. Come join us!

The New Ventures team brainstorms, researches, and vets ideas for new healthcare companies to launch at Redesign Health. We identify big problems we want to solve across the healthcare ecosystem and then work with founders and partners to build companies to address these challenges. We’ve brought more than a dozen companies to launch over the last four years, which deliver diverse, sometimes life-changing solutions. Together, companies founded at Redesign Health have impacted more than ten million lives.

My background is in healthcare finance and investing; I first met Brett Shaheen, CEO of Redesign Health, when he was a client of mine at Morgan Stanley. At the time I joined Redesign, the company was only 25 people, but I was ready to take a leap of faith and try something new. I was immediately struck by how bright and motivated everyone was. Even when the company was in its early stages, it was already proving to be successful.

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"A crucial part of the culture at Redesign Health is matching people with issues they care about; our founding teams have to be fueled by passion."

Without further ado, here are my three favorite things about Redesign.

  • 1. The Redesign Health team includes brilliant entrepreneurs who have experience across the tech, finance, and healthcare industries.

    It’s inspiring to work with people who know what it takes to build a company from the ground up. Everyone who joins is struck by the incredible level of talent at the company. I feel very inspired when I’m collaborating with such accomplished founding CEOs and COOs. I also love working with Redesign’s Venture Chairs like James Quarles, Missy Krasner, or Kira Wampler who partner with our founding teams to launch and scale companies.

  • 2. Creativity isn’t just encouraged; it’s required.

    Typically, healthcare finance and investing can err on the conservative side, and there’s often a certain way that you’re expected to do things. But at Redesign Health, we have a model that genuinely doesn’t exist anywhere else. Not only is out-of-the-box thinking required, but there’s this unbelievable cognitive dance that happens when you’re trying to solve a big problem in the healthcare system. What types of new care models could improve patient outcomes? What business model would make this attractive to investors? You have to be very creative in navigating the different stakeholders in the healthcare system because they often have different incentives.

  • 3. The work we’re doing has an incredible impact on the world.

    Not only do you get to work with smart, motivated people and be creative: but what we do here matters. A crucial part of the culture at Redesign Health is matching people with issues they care about; our founding teams have to be fueled by passion. The work has to become personal — that’s how an operating company becomes resilient.

    When I first started at Redesign Health, I thought it would be incredible if we could power 5–10 companies in a year. Last year, we launched more than a dozen. I never expected we’d grow to be a company of more than 150 employees or have companies on our platform touching the lives of millions of people in such a short period of time.

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Mark Rosenblum Managing Director, New Ventures

Mark has more than 15 years of experience at the intersection of healthcare, finance, and investing. He has spent time in public market investing at Epoch Investment Partners, equity research at Morgan Stanley, and investment banking at Jefferies. Mark earned a BS in Finance at the University of Maryland and his MBA from Duke University.