Partnerships November 03, 2022
Partnerships November 03, 2022

Partnering With Leading Children's Hospitals to Identify and Build Innovative Pediatric Healthcare Solutions

At Redesign Health, we firmly believe the US healthcare system desperately needs innovation to address our lagging health outcomes, sky-high costs and uneven access to care. To drive disruption and change from within, we work with industry leaders to thoroughly understand the challenges and opportunities they’re facing, and leverage our combined expertise to co-develop solutions that draw upon our platform to drive more impact and value. 

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As part of this work, we’re excited to partner with KidsX, a global leader in pediatric digital health innovation, anchored by a consortium of over 32 children’s hospitals, including Boston Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital LA. Together, we’re launching “KidsX Build”, a program designed to identify, build and scale new innovative healthcare companies that address the needs of pediatrics patients, clinicians and service providers. Although pediatric patients account for 20% of the U.S. population, less than 1% of the investments made in digital health are geared towards solving pain points for the pediatric population. Together, our goal is to address this opportunity by transforming the delivery and enablement of pediatric care.

Through the KidsX Build program, Redesign Health and KidsX member hospitals will regularly convene to review areas of opportunity to build new healthcare companies together and incorporate perspectives from member hospitals as the pediatric healthcare landscape continues to evolve. Together, we’ll explore opportunities for co-developing and commercializing new products, technologies and companies. KidsX members will also gain early access and insight into pediatrics-related ventures being created at Redesign Health, with the opportunity to shape these solutions as they develop.

“Redesign Health has demonstrated a proven ability to build and scale businesses as a leader in healthcare innovation, powering the launch of more than 40 healthcare technology companies, including a number of those in the pediatric space,” shared Omkar Kulkarni, Founder, KidsX & Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “We look forward to bringing KidsX and Redesign Health’s networks together, and leveraging Redesign Health’s deep insights and platform to accelerate the pace of digital innovation in pediatrics.”

This work builds on companies our team has launched in the pediatric ecosystem including: 

  • Springtide, an integrative, evidence-based autism center for children and their families.

  • Fort Health, a child and adolescent mental health company bringing high-quality, affordable, and evidence-based mental health services for children and their families in partnership with the Child Mind Institute.

  • A stealth company partnering with pediatric primary care practices to enable them to take on risk in Managed Medicaid by providing a full suite of support services and technology solutions.

“As part of our mission to redesign health for everyone, we believe that building transformative solutions for pediatric care is an imperative to usher in a healthier future,” shared Brenda Schmidt, Head of Enterprise Growth at Redesign Health. “We look forward to combining the learnings and insights we’ve gained from building dozens of companies, with the incredible network and experience of the children's hospitals in the KidsX consortium, to create meaningful solutions that will enable us to positively impact the entire pediatric care ecosystem.”

Through partnerships like these, we hope to enable collaborative innovation at scale to help unleash the groundswell of innovation that our healthcare industry urgently needs. We can achieve this ambitious vision only through continued partnership across the industry: learn more here.